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Wood Polish Wax

Wood Polish Wax

Plant-based and plastic-free wood wax to help preserve and protect your interior wood without the use of harsh chemicals or turpentine. 60g

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    This hand-poured, vegan-friendly wood wax is handmade in Scotland and perfect for polishing wood and leaving a deep shine, protecting and extending the life of your interior woodwork.


    Lightly scented with woody notes and hints of zesty citrus, this vegan-friendly wood wax is a truly natural approach when it comes to caring for wood in your home. Made with natural, plant-based wax and natural oils, it is free from mineral oils, turpentines and white spirit.


    • 100% Plant-based & vegan
    • Natural ingredients
    • Plastic-free
    • Non-toxic


    To use, simply apply a small amount of Wood Polish Wax to the wood with a soft clean dry cloth and run in small circular motions until absorbed. Allow the plant waxes and oils to sink in for a while before buffing to a shine with a clean cloth.


    Please Note: Always test on an inconspicuous area first.


    Packaging is a recyclable/re-usable aluminium tin with recycled paper label.

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