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Do you charge extra to remote Scottish postcodes for delivery?


No.  We promise to never charge more than the cost of Royal Mail to remote Scottish locations. 


We make this promise because in some cases, couriers charge upwards of £100 to deliver the same items to rural locations that they deliver to other UK locations for free.  We do not think this is right or fair and will not support couriers who do this.

Do you have a physical store that we can visit?


No,  We are currently based online only.  However, if you live locally to us in Moray, we offer a free click and collect service.


Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?


While we are not specifically a vegan-only store, we do stock a wide range of vegan products   We work closely with our suppliers and all products are cruelty-free.

Is your store plastic-free?


The vast majority of our products are plastic-free.  But it's complicated.  We find banning plastic from our store an overly simplistic solution to a complex issue.


We do stock a limited number of products that contain recycled plastics.  Plastics exist on Earth in abundance and can take up to 400 years to decompose.  We would much rather re-use these materials than dump them in landfill before the plastics have reached the end of their useful life.  


We avoid new, single-use plastics wherever possible but, there are some instances where this cannot be avoided – yet! As a society, we have an overreliance on plastic.  As such, there are still some items that are either not yet available in materials other than plastic or are simply not yet cost-effective for a mass consumer market, for example dispensing pump mechanisms, like those used in glass cleaning or skincare bottles.  Plastic in these instances will always be the exception and not the rule. 

Our plastics policy can be found here.

Are all of your products Palm Oil Free?


The vast majority of our products are Palm Oil Free.  On the rare occasion where a product contains Palm Oil, we ensure it is responsibly sourced.  We occasionally include it because some of customers prefer the lathering and hardening effects it provides in soap based products.  Palm is prolific in use and can be found in around 50% of all packaged supermarket items hidden under hundreds of possible names.  Palm Oil is also the main source of income for around 3 million small-scale farmers around the globe and a number of environmental campaigners believe these small farmers could be the answer to more sustainable palm production of the future.   We have written a  blog looking at palm oil in a bit more detail which helps clarify our position in more detail.  


Are all of your products SLS/SLES free?


No.  But, not all ingredients are created equal.  Within our store, wherever you see SLS listed in the ingredients list, this is derived from coconut oil.


We understand that SLS/SLES is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Some like it for its foaming and cleaning properties.  Others dislike it, despite industry experts agreeing that SLS is safe and effective, as sometimes people find it drying or irritating to sensitive skin.  SLS/SLES is commercially made using Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil or Petroleum and is found in a wide range of everyday products.  Here at the Green Greyhound, we believe in choice and stock a limited range of products that contain SLS/SLES that is derived from coconuts. 


If you have a query that is not listed here, please email it to:


Thank you.

The team @thegreengreyhound

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