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Plastics Policy

The Green Greyhound is committed to selling high-quality products that are kind to the environment and that protects communities both at home and around the globe. 

We aim to avoid products that use plastic in their product or packaging as far as practical but we do accept there are some limitations to this. 

With an estimated 8 million metric tonnes of plastic entering our oceans each year, adding to the estimated 150 million metric tonnes that can already be found there (at the time of writing!) we accept that there should be a better use for this material other than landfill wherever possible.  As such, we stock a limited range of products that are either wholly or partially made from recycled plastic products to actively prevent some of this plastic waste from entering our oceans and landfill.

We also accept, that due to the manufacturing processes in some sectors, for example, cosmetics, it has not yet proved possible to create fully plastic-free or harmful chemical-free products.  We accept that it is not practical to suggest people avoid purchasing cosmetics.  We also acknowledge that several companies are trying hard to correct this and are making great strides in the reduction of both their plastic and chemical use. 


We believe that it is important to support such sectors while they are on their manufacturing and processing journey to find greener alternatives – after all, if no one buys these greener versions of their products, there will be no market to justify the expense and effort to keep pushing for sustainable change.  To this end, where no viable alternative exists, we will stock a limited range of products that contain plastic.

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