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About Us

The short version....

We are a family run business located in Moray, Scotland.  We put the planet and its people at the forefront of what we do by carefully selecting products to reduce our environmental impact.  

We believe there has never been a more important time to support small UK businesses, which is why we work hard to source as many products made right here in Scotland and across the UK as we can, often from small and micro businesses who share our ethos.  

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And just in case you were wondering where we got our business name from.   We were finally inspired to 'take the plunge' into business following the misadventures of our adopted Greyhound and his obsession with single-use plastics! 

But who are we, really?

Hi, my name is Trudi and I have been on this sustainable journey for many years.  In the beginning, I started by making simple every day swaps like swapping plastic sponges for natural compostable ones or choosing more natural skincare over traditional chemically 'enhanced' products, but over time, this grew into a lifestyle where (among other things) I love searching out pre-loved bargains, upcycling old furniture, gardening for wildlife and biodiversity and growing some of our own food - or at least we try to anyway (we're still learning!).   I also dabble - with varying degrees of success - at making my own natural candles, soaps and skincare.

The business had been an idea for a long time but it started to become a serious conversation after I was struggling to find products to expand my own sustainable journey.  However, it was a new addition to the family who finally pushed me into making my business dream a reality.

My husband and I fostered a retired Greyhound from a local rescue charity. He was a relatively young dog (as far as retired greyhounds go) and as he settled into family life, he became almost puppy-like as he explored his new life as a family pet.  It was then that he discovered a fondness for trying to eat anything plastic - which he found in even the remotest of places. 

It is astonishing just how much plastic (and other waste) is out there, dumped, polluting our towns, waterways and wild spaces. Which is all particularly apparent when you are trying to keep your 40mph dog (they are the second fastest land animal after all!) from puling yet another plastic wrapper out of the nearest bush!  Especially in the early days, it was a lot like holding back a moving car and we learned to 'fly' on more than one occasion.  

With a desire to become more sustainable, my growing anger at the amount of dumped plastic and the need to protect my dog from his own bizarre plastic fixation, The Green Greyhound was born (basically, I'm blaming the dog!)

I am pleased to say that we ended up adopting our Greyhound who thankfully finally outgrew his plastic fascination.  Fortunately, my love of sustainability has only continued to grow. 

It turns out, my love of sustainability is infectious and my husband joined the team in 2024.  He'd always helped out in the background but now he is fully involved which is great!  And before anyone asks, working together as husband and wife works really well - for us at least.  Most of the time anyway!

We have three grown children who also help out from time to time too - so it's a real family business.

But, we couldn't be called The Green Greyhound without telling you a little about who is really in charge around here.

Alongside our Greyhound, we also have our newest addition, a Jack-Russell x Chihuahua (or JackChi) and a really, really old Cat (at the time of writing, she is fast approaching 22 years old!) who has outlived two lurchers and despite her dotage, still keeps everyone firmly in check!  All of them came to us in need of a home via local rehoming charities and two were failed fosters who arrived temporarily but never left!

In case you hadn't already realised, we are bit animal daft around here!

So, here they are.  Our three resident bosses who keep us on our toes everyday and who get the deciding vote on all of the pet products we stock!


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