Stainless Steel Doubled-Edged Safety Razor with Stand by Bambaw in Silver

Stainless Steel Doubled-Edged Safety Razor with Stand by Bambaw in Silver


Practical, strong, durable and completely plastic-free safety razor in silver.  Perfect for any stylish and eco-conscious bathroom. 

Stainless steel doubled edged safety razor in silver comes with matching stand and one blade.  It is packaged in a recycled and recyclable box.


This stylish, elegant, unisex safety razor with its own stand is a brilliant plastic-free alternative to disposable razors. Made from strong, durable stainless steel, this is an elegant unisex design providing a close shave for both men and women. 


It is strong, durable and completely plastic-free.


It fits all standard double edge razor blades.


The zero-waste razors use one single blade made from stainless steel which makes the blades are easily recyclable. How often the blades need to be replaced depends on shave frequency and hair type, this can vary from a few weeks to months. 



Billions of plastic razors, and their packaging, find their way into landfills (and often the oceans) every year. They take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to decompose into microplastics. Changing inexpensive blades rather than constantly buying disposables is better for the planet and your pocket.




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