Plastic Free Hair Bobbles by Eco Bumble Organic and Natural

Plastic Free Hair Bobbles by Eco Bumble Organic and Natural


These hair bobbles are plastic-free and made with organic cotton and natural rubber in packs of 5.  Available in black or white


Made with organic cotton and natural rubber, these plastic-free hair bobbles are a fantastic eco-friendly swap for anyone with long hair. 


Handmade by a small UK company in Manchester, these hair bobbles provide the right balance of firm grip - but not too tight.


They are great at holding long hair over a long time and they have been made in such a way as to be snag-free too. 


Synthetic hair ties can take 500 years to break down but these bobbles are 100% biodegradable, sustainable, recyclable (not that we think you'd ever want to!) and therefore a much more eco-friendly version of the usual hair elastic.


Available in packs of 5 in either black or white. 




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