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Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen Bleach

Suitable for a wide variety of cleaning tasks, oxygen bleach is a sustainable home staple.  

Oxygen bleach is a non-toxic, safe and gentle biodegradable alternative to chlorine bleach that effectively removes stains and brightens the whites in your laundry.  Supplied in 1kg packet.


When dissolved in water at temperatures over 40°C it releases oxygen which acts as a powerful stain remover and disinfectant. It's ideal for whitening and deodorising your laundry and is even safe on colours as it won't cause them to fade.


Oxygen bleach is a natural, simple and effective way to add extra cleaning power to your wash, combating tough stains during your machine cycle or as a pre-soak without resorting to chlorine bleach. It breaks down into components when dissolved with water and provides cleaning action while the sodium softens the water.


Oxygen bleach is also called sodium percarbonate. This comes in powder form which is water-soluble. It then breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. These are biodegradable and non-toxic containing no nitrogen or phosphorous. Sodium percarbonate does not create harmful fumes like chlorine bleach.


Suitable for wide array of jobs around the home including kitchen and bathroom cleaning, for use on toilets and drains, sinks and baths, floors and tiles, stained cups and pots etc.   Can also be used to disinfect door handles, light switches, fabrics and upholstery


Can be used in a spritzer/spray bottle for larger area cleaning. The general advice is only to make up enough in the bottle for each use and not to store in the bottle. The uses for this product are endless.


Please note sodium percarbonate will not break down heavy-duty cleaning for old stains but it will brighten and disinfect.


Keep out of reach of children


How do I use it?

Add 25g (half and egg cup) to the drawer of your washing machine alongside your normal wash powder or to use as a presoak add 50g (1 egg cup) to a bowl of warm water. The bowl of water needs to be 40 degrees for the oxygen bleach to work, your washing machine will need to be on a 40-degree wash for this to work too.


To direct treat a stain, mix a little with some water to create a paste, rub into the stain and wash as normal.


Kitchen and Bathroom cleaning, for use on toilets and drains, sinks and baths, stained cups and pots, dissolve in warm water and safely clean and disinfect. Can be used in a spritzer bottle for larger area cleaning.


What is it free from?

  • Petrochemicals
  • Parabens
  • Animal Products
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Phosphates
  • Enzymes
  • Chlorine bleaches
  • Palm oil
  • GM ingredients
  • Dyes



Sodium percarbonate (oxygen bleach)


Product Features

  • Powerful on dirt and grime.
  • Odourless
  • Vegan, Cruelty and Palm Oil Free.
  • No sulphates, phosphates, parabens, chlorine bleaches or petrochemicals.
  • Safe for septic tanks and cess pits.
  • No residue of unnecessary chemicals left on your surfaces.
  • Made in Aberdeenshire, UK.


Packaging Materials


The paper pouch is made from kraft paper with a corn starch fully biodegradable liner. When placed into a composting environment the pouch will break down to compost within 3 months. 100% biodegradable label

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