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Mini Ball Tugger Dog Toy Made From Recycled T-shirt Waste

Mini Ball Tugger Dog Toy Made From Recycled T-shirt Waste

Perfect for smaller dogs, this toy is made from upcycled t-shirt waste. 

  • Toy is made from t-shirts that would otherwise go into landfill.
  • By purchasing this product you are helping turn 'waste' fabric into fun toys for dogs, lowering their carbon paw-print!
  • This toy can be washed like any other t-shirt, please wash at 30° with dark items.
  • When you have finished with this item, it can be placed in the textiles recycling bin.
  • This toy has been designed for tugging and retrieval. 
  • This toy has saved one t-shirt from landfill.
  • Packaging is recycled and recyclable


Please note:  No dog toy is indestructible.  Please supervise your dog while they play with this toy.


Ancol is working hard to make not only their products sustainable but their business too.  They do this by:


  • Recycling 100% of polythene, cardboard and wooden pallet waste
  • The use of solar panels makes them 85% self-sufficient for electricity and allows them to save 17.5 tonnes of CO2 every year.
  • Investment in ultra-low and hybrid vehicles for their vehicle fleet.


So far, by turning single-use post-consumer plastic bottles into usable products, they have so far prevented over 2.4 million bottles across their product ranges from going to landfill. 

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