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Compostable & Plant Based Bio Food Wrap Clingfilm

Compostable & Plant Based Bio Food Wrap Clingfilm

The plastic-free alternative to clingfilm

This innovative plastic-free, cling film is a straightforward eco-friendly solution to common plastic food wrap.


This food wrap is 100% certified compostable, meaning it will degrade within 6 months rather than the hundreds of years it takes for plastic to fully degrade in commonly used cling film products.


This food wrap is made from 97% PBAT and 3% PLA. These are completely natural plant-based materials, meaning you can feel safe knowing you are not wrapping your food with chemicals from plastic.


  • 30cm x 30m
  • 100% Compostable
  • The Grocer: New Product Award Finalist 2021
  • Gluten-free
  • Degrades in compost within 6 months
  • Made from natural renewable plant-based materials
  • No chemicals
  • Natural and food safe
  • Plastic-free
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