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Brushd. Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Head With Standard Bristles Philips

Brushd. Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Head With Standard Bristles Philips

Don't want to swap your electric toothbrush but are concerned about all those plastic heads?  These recyclable toothbrush heads with standard bristles mean you can keep the electric brush and still reduce your environmental footprint. 

We understand that swapping your electric toothbrush for a manual brush might be a tougher sustainable swap for some.  We also understand that it is especially difficult to ditch the plastic when your electric toothbrush is dentist recommended. 


But, there is a solution.  


These Brushd. Recyclable toothbrush heads are compatible with Philips Sonicare*  Electric Toothbrushes. Just return the brush head to them using the pre-paid compostable pouch enclosed with your order and they will recycle the heads correctly. 


✓ Standard Bristles

✓ Recyclable Product

✓ Recyclable Packaging

✓ Compatible with Philips Sonicare* electric toothbrushes. 


Available in packs of either 2 or 4 brush heads. 


(We also have standard and charcoal bristle Oral B compatible round heads available.)


Brushd. understand that some of us may still prefer to use electric toothbrushes. That's why they offer their customers a headache and cost-free solution to correctly recycling their electric toothbrush heads. 


Once your electric toothbrush head has done its time, just return them to Bushd. using the pre-paid eco-friendly compostable envelope and they will do the rest.


With a UK population of around 67 million people using (and disposing of) their toothbrushes, recycling your electric toothbrush heads helps to keep plastic waste to a minimum and stops it from ending up in our oceans or landfill.


*Please note that Oral-B*  and Philips Sonicare are third-party trademarks with no affiliation to Brushd.

PriceFrom £5.99

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