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I am now Certified Carbon Literate!

As the sole owner of The Green Greyhound, I have a lot to do. While I am skillfully supported by my family, it would be easy to lose sight of why I'm doing this or struggle to keep up with changes in climate science during busy day-to-day and management activities of the business.

To make sure I stay up to date with the best ways to keep our carbon footprint as small as I can, I recently undertook carbon literacy training - and passed!

The Carbon Literacy Project has crunched some numbers and calculated that people who undertook Carbon Literacy training reduced their carbon footprint between 5% - 15%.

I am now able to apply Carbon Literacy knowledge to both the business and family life - which I consider a win-win.

If you have never looked at your carbon footprint, you may find the exercise quite enlightening!

While not as detailed or in-depth as Carbon Literacy Training, using a carbon calculator can be very interesting indeed. I've shared a calculator here that was created by The Open University but there are many others that are available online. It is important to note that every calculator makes a number of assumptions and are therefore not 100% accurate, but they are good starting point for understanding your own carbon footprint and identifying areas for improvement. Why not have a look and see where you might be able to make a difference?

We were also reading a book recently called How Bad Are Bananas? (New edition - updated and expanded) written by Mike Berners-Lee. If you were interested in learning more about carbon footprints and understanding the carbon cost of everyday purchases or actions, we would recommend this book as an informative and easy-access place to start.

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