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Zero Waste Coconut Bowl in Geometric Design with Matching Spoon

Zero Waste Coconut Bowl in Geometric Design with Matching Spoon

Made from discarded coconut husks, these hand-crafted bowls and spoons make a stylish, eco-friendly and functional addition to any home. 

  • Description

    This classic coconut bowl and matching spoon by Jungle Culture is ethically sourced in Bến Tre, Vietnam. Each eco-friendly coconut bowl is perfect for smoothie bowls, ramen, salad, breakfast etc and could also be used as an interesting bowl for keys or loose change!


    The coconut bowls and spoons are all vegan friendly and no chemicals or pesticides are used in their production. 


    The bowl has a  modern geometric design that has been hand-etched by artisans.


    In 2019, around 62 million metric tonnes of coconuts were harvested for food, cosmetics and a range of other uses around the world.  In many cases, the coconut husks were considered a waste product, often burned as a way of disposal.  By creating a useful and modern product from these husks, it encourages a more sustainable approach to utilising what was once seen as a waste product.  


    Jungle Culture work directly with small, family-run farms and craft workshops to create unique and environmentally friendly products. 


    Each bowl and spoon is:

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Sustainable
    • Lightweight
    • Non-toxic and durable
    • Vegan
    • Zero waste


    Care instructions:  These bowls are only suitable for cold food items and are not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher.  


    Jungle Culture’s main aim is to solve the problem of waste on our beautiful planet.  They aren’t driven by profit, but by the desire to make low-impact products accessible to all who choose to buy them.


    Jungle Culture is an accredited member of the 1% for the planet organisation. This means that 1% of their total sales is given directly to charities and non-profits that are focused on the restoration of our environment,



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