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Wooden Spoon by Jungle Culture

Wooden Spoon by Jungle Culture

Through the reclamation of waste wood, generated in the furniture making industry, these wooden spoons ensure a waste product is turned into a useful and stylish everyday sustainable kitchen item.

These wooden spoons are great for use in a wide range of activities.  Perfect for everything from garden dining to using with herbs and spices or eating yoghurts to stirring drinks. 


As they are made from wood, they are best handwashed and air dried between uses. 


They pair beautifully with coconut bowls and bamboo cups that are sold separately in store. 


Natural wooden spoon made from scrap wood, reclaimed from a local furniture maker. Scrap wood is typically burned or sent to landfill, creating wooden cutlery ensures that the wood is utilised, helping to reduce waste.


One supplied.

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