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Speyside Forest Clean Eco-Friendly Candle by Spe Candles

Speyside Forest Clean Eco-Friendly Candle by Spe Candles

evoke memories of forest walks with this hand-poured and 'clean' soy candle beautifully scented with pure essential oils. 

The Green Greyhound operates just a few miles away from Speyside with it's glorious and majestic Rivers and Forests.  This eco-friendly candle is a real nod to our home and region.  


These candles are 'clean' candles and use only natural fragrances so they are completely free of manufactured scents.  They are also vegan and made from plant based ingredients. 


Each SPÈ candle is made in small batches and hand-poured with care. They are made from organic soy and coconut waxes, pure essential oils and toxin free fragrances. Coconut and soy wax are natural renewable and carbon-neutral, making an eco-friendly product. Coconut and soy are superior because they provide a longer and cleaner burn with a good scent throw. 


Through the use of natural oils and nature inspired scents SPÈ Candles transports you to the wildness and beauty of Scotland while adding an element of simple luxury, calm or celebration to any room.


Hand poured soy candle.


8oz candle Approximate 35 hour burn time. Dimensions (with lid): height 81mm | diameter 65mm.  (with lid): height 81mm | diameter 65mm. 


The photo of the Thomas Telford designed bridge in the heart of Speyside was taken by The Green Greyhound and shows the powerful yet majestic River Spey, which is the lifeblood of Moray's Whisky Industry, running along a beautiful Speyside Forest. 

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