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Rugged Nature Vegan &  Bamboo Shaving Brush

Rugged Nature Vegan & Bamboo Shaving Brush

A sustainable shaving brush that makes the perfect accessory to your everday shave. 

Shave the natural way with this vegan shaving brush by Rugged Nature. 


Great for making the switch to a more sustainable everyday shave, especially when paired with a plastic-free, double-edged safety razor and a natural shaving soap. 


Just rub the brush on a plastic-free bar of shaving soap and rub gently on your face or body to lather up.


Made from a bamboo handle with synthetic vegan fibers. 


NB:  Rugged Nature uses nylon as a direct alternative to commonly used bristles that are typically made from animal hair. Did you know that Badger Hair has a long history of being traditionally used in shaving brushes!  

£8.50 Regular Price
£6.80Sale Price

Summer Ready

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