Natural suede dog toy in shape of a rhino

Ronnie The Rhino Natural Jute Dog Toy


Ronnie The Rhino is not only a sustainable toy for your dog, but with every purchase, Green and Wilds make a donation to the conservation of the real thing!

Ronnie the Rhino is made from four layers of jute twin stitched over recycled cotton and jute rope with a recycled plastic bottle*  to add that "CRUNCH" when playing.


* the plastic bottle is recyled and made from waste plastics that would otherwise have gone to landfill


Covered in soft suede, it has a Velcro behind (ooh er missus!) so you can replace the crinkler bottle or add tasty treats to really get some interest.


A toy (and a friend) for you and your dog. A great toy for throwing, dogs can have hours of fun with Ronnie.


The toy is made from sustainable jute which is a natural plant fibre. It is tough and long-lasting and is produced without using any added compound that would harm or be released when chewed.


Jute is 100% biodegradable. The suede is a by-product and ensures this material is not wasted.


For every Ronnie the rhino sold, Green & Wilds donate 10p to the "Save the Rhino" fund, a UK registered charity, read all about them here:


Their mission is to conserve and protect all five Rhino species throughout the world. Ronnie, in his small way, is helping to save the real thing!



Ronnie is 25cms (30 cm's to the end of the tail) (12") long, and 12 cm (4") at its widest point.


This product is a play toy only and not a food product. Pets should always be supervised when playing with toys. Remove if your dog tries to swallow piece or chunks. No toy is indestructible.




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