Pack of 4 Cotton Upcycled Unpaper Towels - Plastic Free

Pack of 4 Cotton Upcycled Unpaper Towels - Plastic Free


Available in a variety of modern and fun designs, these unpaper towels have been upcycled and are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to cleaning your home. 


These handmade and upcycled unpaper towels are the perfect addition to any eco-friendly home.


Perfect for cleaning or replacing paper towels.  Also soft enough to use as face or bathing cloths.  


Handmade in Scotland, these unpaper towels are made from upcycled bath towels that would otherwise have been sent to landfill from the hotel and hospitality trade.   


They are then backed in 100% cotton to give each towel a modern and fun makeover whilst also making them stronger and more durable than single ply options.  


Any scraps of fabric leftover from upcycling the towels get sent to The British Red Cross who, in turn, sell them (based on weight) to a company to raise funds for their charitable causes.  This company then upcycles the scraps into paper.    Nothing is wasted in the process of producing these unpaper towels.  


Plastic-free with only the bare minimum of packaging to further reduce unnecessary waste. 


Each design is available as a pack of 4


Approximate size is 9.5 inch x 9 inch but due to the handmade nature of this product, these sizes can vary slightly. 


Product can be washed on a cool/gentle setting and air dried.






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