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Oceansaver Bottle For Life

Oceansaver Bottle For Life

Made from Prevented Ocean Plastics, this bottle for life is for use with eco-cleaning refill pods.

A refillable spray bottle that can be reused over and over. It’s eco-friendly and zero-waste but if you do need to get rid of it it can be cleaned out and recycled. 


  • Made from recycled ocean-bound plastic
  • Holds 750ml
  • Reusable
  • Refillable
  • Zero-waste


Prevented Ocean Plastic or POP is the largest program of its kind, preventing over 1000 tons of ocean plastic pollution every month!


This ocean-bound plastic is collected by developing coastal communities in areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution and provides them with a reliable and sustainable income.


While no one is advocating that everyone rushes out to buy plastic bottles unnecessarily, but if people do need one, then it's better to make use of some of the 2.5 billion bottles (yes you read that right, 2.5 billion bottles!!) that Prevented Ocean Plastics has so far stopped from entering our oceans.



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