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Nose Balm to Soothe and Nurture by the Wild Dog Co. 60mls


Nose Balm is an unscented, ultra-nurturing balm that nourishes dry and crusty noses. 60mls  Natural ingredients and lick-safe.  Made in the UK

Is your Dog’s nose dry? Need a dog nose treatment?

You want a fast working product to instantly soothe that is also gentle and lick-safe.


Wild Dog Nose Balm is a soft, nourishing snout butter that quickly soothes crusty noses and nourishes dry, dull snouts.


It provides long lasting comfort and protection, working hard whilst your dog plays. It is unscented and safe to use on puppies.


Works for:


  • Dry dog noses
  • Crusty snouts
  • Transforms dull colour on nose
  • Peeling noses
  • Skin folds and wrinkles around snout area
  • All breeds, including frenchies, bulldogs, pugs
  • Suitable for dogs dry chapped lips


Hero Ingredients:


As our dogs have such sensitive noses our Nose Balm is unscented.


  • Blackcurrant seed oil, high in rare fatty acids to calm and soothe
  • Seabuckthorn extract, known as liquid gold for it’s amazing properties
  • Soothing protective barrier of olive wax, mango butter and rice bran oil


How to Use:


The Nose Balm is a soft and creamy nose butter so that it can be dabbed on rather than rubbed in. We recommend using a favourite toy or treat to distract your dog as you apply the Nose Balm.


As dogs tend to lick their noses, especially around feed times, we recommend using the nose balm after your dog has eaten.


Apply to clean dry skin as often as needed. In the first instance apply morning and night and 1-2 extra times during the day.


Once the nose is is conditioned you can apply the balm once a day to keep the nose area moisturised and protected.




  • Lick-safe
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Made in Great Britain
  • 60mls


For every WILD DOG Co product purchased through us, we at The Green Greyhound will donate 10% of the profit to Give a Greyhound A Home (GAGAH) which is our local Greyhound rehoming charity. 




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