Lemon Fresh Soap Sticks Gift Set by Little Suds

Lemon Fresh Soap Sticks Gift Set by Little Suds


These lovely handmade soap sticks in lemon-fresh fragrance are sure to brighten up any bathroom. 

Lemon Fresh Soap Stick 


Perfect for gifting or as a treat just for you, these soap sticks come in a set of 3, hand wrapped in twine and tissue paper. 


If you love a fresh, zingy, scent you’ll love this beautiful handcrafted  Vegan safe soap. Packed with Pure Lemon Essential Oil this soap stick is both invigorating as well as refreshing. This skin-nourishing vegetable soap base from Little Suds Soaps produces a wonderfully rich and creamy lather we are sure you will love using.


Every soap stick made by Little Suds is handmade, Vegan, Cruelty-free, 100% plastic-free and made using ingredients sourced from other UK companies.


Due to the handmade nature of the soap sticks, weights may vary slightly but each individual stick weighs around 17g


Every Little Suds product is plastic free, palm oil free and cruelty free.


Perfect for Gifting, Travelling or Simply Just Enjoying.

Little Suds products are created using a luxurious, nourishing, vegan-friendly, vegetable base which produces a wonderfully rich, creamy, moisturising lather that leaves your skin feeling super soft & supply after every wash.



We take the welfare of our planet & our oceans very seriously and work hard at being as environmentally friendly as possible. Our products contain no nasty chemicals and because of their solid composition they require no plastic bottle for storage or transportation.


We hope you enjoy using your Little Suds handmade products as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.






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