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Large Linen & Plastic Free Wash Bag In Navy By Blasta Henriet

Large Linen & Plastic Free Wash Bag In Navy By Blasta Henriet

UK-made, these linen wash bags with water-based and non-toxic inks are beautiful, sustainable and perfect for storing makeup and toiletries. 

Large Linen Wash Bag by Blasta Henriet


A large and roomy wash bag in their classic Creatures print in yellow. 


Perfect for make-up or toiletries and makes a wonderful gift.


Looks beautiful on display in your bathroom or while on your travels.


Made with 100% European linen. Made with water-based non-toxic ink in Staffordshire, England. 


Size: 27 x 18 cm


Why Linen?


Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics on the planet.  It uses fewer resources to grow than other fabrics and the whole Flax plant, from which linen derives, can be used in a variety of ways so there are no wasted bi-products clogging up landfill. 


Depending on it's production methods, Linen biodegrades extremely quickly when buried in soil.  Some estimates suggest it can take as little 3 weeks before it begins to break down. 


By the way, have you read our blog post about linen?   Linen has so many amazing qualities that we have written a whole blog about it - it is definitely worth a read! ​​​​​​​

£30.00 Regular Price
£24.00Sale Price

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