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Handmade Soap Bar in Citrus and Rosemary Scent

Handmade Soap Bar in Citrus and Rosemary Scent

Handmade in Scotland, this Citrus and Rosemary soap bar is palm-oil and plastic free.

This soap is handmade in Scotland by Lomond Soaps and is palm oil and plastic-free.


Each bar is made with fresh citrus with herbal notes of rosemary, coloured with ground comfrey herb, chamomile & nettle powders


Soap bars are a min weight of 100g and come supplied in a recyclable cardboard box.


Lomond Soap say NO to all of the unnecessary chemicals normally found in soap, like foaming agents, chemical hardeners and preservatives.  Free from SLS, Parabens, EDTA & Preservatives. 


Their ethos is to make soap that is good for your skin & the planet. Their soap is packed full of vegetable oil goodness, aromatherapy grade essential oils, clays, herbs and flowers.


Lomond Soap is palm oil free.


Clean body - Clear conscience!


Prolong the life of your soap by letting it drain and dry on a soap dish. 


May come supplied in packaging of slightly different design

£5.50 Regular Price
£4.40Sale Price

Summer Ready

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