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Floor Cleaner StripWash

Floor Cleaner StripWash

Is it time to reclaim your cupboard space with these gentle and space-saving floor cleaning strips?

StripWash make it their mission to make cleaning easy peasy.


Their biodegradable floor cleaning strips are packed in lightweight, plastic-free packaging.


Throw one strip in a bucket of 3-5 litres warm water, watch the strip dissolve in seconds, then mop your floors to remove dirt, grease and grime.


The strips contain no bleaching agents, preservatives or phosphates. 


Just add water, swirl with a mop to dissolve and clean your floors.


Zero mess: Big plastic bottle, bulky boxes and cluttered cabinets are a thing of the past. StripWash packaging is super thin so you can easily slot it away and reclaim your cupboard space.



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