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Fixits Bio-Plastic Repair Sticks

Fixits Bio-Plastic Repair Sticks

Don't bin it, fix it with these non-toxic and compostable Fixits repair sticks!

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    If like us you prefer to give items a new lease life but struggle to find ways to mend them rather than bin them, then fixits may well be the solution!


    Made with non-toxic bio-plastic, fixits can be endlessly reheated and reused and can fix a wide array of items.


    Fixits has a choice of colours available to suit many projects but you can even mix them together in their softened state to make unique marbled effects or even blend them fully to make entirely new colours (although please note you may have to re-melt in order to fully blend them)


    It's super easy to use too- changing states from solid to softened back to solid in around 5 minutes; you really can fix things on the fly with FixIts!


    A Jute pouch is also available to safely store your fixits in between projects. 


    • Mouldable bio-plastic fixing sticks
    • 3 Pack - Just select your preferred colour choice at checkout
    • Non-toxic
    • No smell
    • No residue
    • Use FixIts to repair your broken stuff, adapt to make things better or create replacement parts!
    • Perfect for bike, phone and watch repairs plus anything else you can think of
    • Designed & Manufactured in the UK using as many UK sourced materials as possible.
    • Endlessly reusable - just heat it up, remould & reuse!
    • Easy to use - repair broken items in minutes
    • No 'use-by' date as doesn't dry up!
    • Compostable to EN14995 standard - re-use wherever possible but if it must go in the bin, pop it in your council garden waste bin where it will fully break down in an industrial composting facility.
    • Each FixIts stick is 150mm x 16mm x 4mm and weighs approximately 10g.
PriceFrom £3.50
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