Sponge made from no longer required hessian sacks from the coffee trade wrapped in small cardboard tube with the word Squeeze

Coffee Squeeze UnSponge by Rowan Stillwater


Perfect for those tougher cleaning jobs in the kitchen or bathroom, this unsponge is made from repurposed coffee sacks that have reached the end of their useful life.

The Coffee Squeeze™ zero waste sponge is a reusable, sustainable, plastic free kitchen scrubber made from recycled fair trade coffee sacks.   Come in a pack of one. 


Each sponge is handmade from the hardwearing fabric of a coffee sack that has reached the end of its journey. The tough jute top is stitched to a canvas liner and pure cotton back before being filled with a sponge-like cellulose core and finished with a woven label - ready to tackle your kitchen, bathroom or any tough job you need it for.




Our brand new cellulose core means that our zero waste sponges have a whole host of new features that we think you'll love, they're:

  • Flexible
  • Foaming
  • Quick drying


And still 100% plant based, compostable and handmade.




Each sponge is different with some bearing part of the logo or insignia of the company who shipped the coffee and other sponges are plain.  Some have permanent designs which remain over time and some wear away as you wash and use them -  that's the beauty of upcycled unSponges, which one you get, depends on the original coffee company and how they produced their sacks! Which one will you get? You'll have to unbox it to see!  (only one supplied)


The back of the sponge is a softer fabric and suitable for those less heavy duty jobs. 


Caring for your Coffee Sponge


To keep your sponge fresh and ready for use always wring it out after use - it can hold up to 10X its own weight in water so it needs a good squeeze!


As your sponge is made from 100% natural materials you can wash it with your towels or freshen it in your regular wash - every 4-5 days will keep it in tip-top condition. You can also sterilise it with a quick blast in a microwave or run it through the dishwasher.


Saying goodbye


When your sponge reaches the end of its useful life - usually around four months - it can be cut up and composted or posted in a rag bank for recycling.


Size: Each sponge is approximately 12cm long x 7cm wide x 1cm deep.





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