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Coco Coir Plant Starter Pellets Peat Free

Coco Coir Plant Starter Pellets Peat Free

Coco coir pellets made from waste coconut husks make a great alternative growing medium for your seedlings and cuttings.

Coco coir pellets by e-pots presented in a compostable bag and paper box so no plastic packaging!  Pack of 50.


These coir pellets are created from renewable and natural materials using waste coconut husk fibres that are a by-product of the coconut plant food industry.


Each 36mm round coconut pod is wrapped in FSC paper which will biodegrade completely for healthy, happy plants. They are presented in compostable plastic-free packaging. Coco pellets contain organic compounds, is light and airy in texture and has a natural disease resistance, resulting in strong root growth.  


Coco substrate has a high water-holding capacity, a neutral pH, high Cation Exchange Capacity, and is free from pests, diseases and weed seeds. The coco fibre is odourless, pleasant to handle and uniform in composition.


The coir pellets are perfect for use in indoor or outdoor gardening.  Just soak as many of the coco pellets as required and then when they have swollen up and grown, pop a seed or cutting in each one and watch them thrive! They are best suited for use in seed sowing and to grow cuttings.


  • Peat-free
  • Plastic-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable
  • Zero-waste - Turns a waste product (coconut husks) into a useable product
  • Perfect for seedlings and cuttings
  • Pack of 50
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