Bespoke & Handmade Pottery Soap Dishes

Bespoke & Handmade Pottery Soap Dishes


These gorgeous pottery soap dishes are a perfect place to rest your favourite bar of soap!


Handmade in Moray, these beautifully crafted pottery (ceramic) soap dishes are the perfect addition to your favourite bar of soap.


Artisanally created and handpainted, these soap dishes feature designs based around a seaside theme.


Every piece is unique and designs and size may vary from those shown here.  A typical soap dish is around 3.5 - 4 inch in diameter.


The dishes are so beautiful, you could even use them for other things such as a bedstand piece to hold earrings or other small items.


Please be aware that these are a limited edition item.  Our supplier is a micro-business who only produces items in small batches in their home based studio.  As such, these items are limited in stock and what you see here is all we have - for now.  If they prove popular we can try and secure some more from future batches so be sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to stay informed.