Bee Bombs Wildflower Seeds and Beeswax Wrap

Bee Bombs Wildflower Seeds and Beeswax Wrap


RHS 'Perfect Pollinator' Bee Bombs which contain a bounty of seeds from over 20 British native wildflower species.  It even re-purposes the packaging as a DIY wax wrap kit!

Bee bombs are handmade in Scotland and contain over 20 types of native British wildflower seeds.


These Bee bomb seeds are perfect for encouraging bees and butterflies to your garden. 


The bee bombs use a peat-free compost with clay, and a large healthy dose of RHS 'Perfect Pollinator' 100% wildflower seeds. 


Honeybee bombs are a fun and easy way to bring some colour and life to your garden. 


Each bee bomb covers an area of roughly 2m squared.


As an added bonus, the 100% cotton packaging can be transformed into a DIY wax wrap using the small block of beeswax and instructions that come supplied.  


A Beeswax wrap is made by infusing cotton with a certain mixture of food-grade beeswax, rosin, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Once made, the wrap is mouldable and can be shaped around containers or food products. Beeswax wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to plastics, cling films and other products which aren’t as friendly to the environment or reusable/ recyclable.


The wax solution covers enough for the 10 x 10 inch fabric that comes with your purchase…or use a fabric of your own choice.


  • The seed bomb contains at least 20 different British wildflower species
  • 20% annual species ensures colour in the first year
  • 80% perennial species flower from year two onwards
  • Seeds are 100% RHS recommended as a 'Perfect Pollinator' mix
  • Seeds are encased by hand in a peat-free compost and clay mix.
  • Bee bombs are supplied in 100% cotton fabric that can be turned into a DIY beeswax wrap using the beeswax mix block supplied. 
  • Bee bombs cover an area of around 2mSq 




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