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Bamboo Soap Dish by Croll and Denecke

Bamboo Soap Dish by Croll and Denecke

  • Details

    Croll & Denecke bamboo soap dish


    Its water draining design will help your soap dry quickly and will keep it dry in between uses. Therefore, it will help your soap from going to waste.


    • Bamboo soap dish
    • From natural bamboo
    • Zero waste product
    • Plastic-free
    • Vegan
    • Sustainable
    • Size: 10cm x 8cm


    Care instructions for your bamboo soap dish


    Regularly clean and maintain your soap dish.  Allow to completely dry from time to time by storing it in a dry, ventilated place to remove moisture.

    To clean it, wash with soapy water then air dry naturally, for example in sunlight.


    About Croll & Denecke:


    Croll & Denecke was established by Gustav Croll and also Theodor Denecke over 100 years ago in 1897. They specialise in processing raw natural sponges but have added many other sustainable products over the years. Today, Peter and daughters Nina and Sara Hankiewicz run the family enterprise with the family business is now in the third and fourth generation.

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