A Trio of Classic Hand Painted Staple Earrings

A Trio of Classic Hand Painted Staple Earrings


Beautiful Han Painted Classic Earrings that make a great eco-conscioius gift.

A trio of classic pieces for everyday style statements. These are go to pieces which can be used again and again with any attire.


These are a cute 10mm in size with silver surgical stainless steel posts and butterfly fastenings.


Every piece of ivy&ginger jewellery is hand painted.  The sealant process has been updated to eradicate the need for varnish which gives the jewellery a ‘naked’ feel whilst still being sealed, protected and even has a UV resistant attribute.


ivy and ginger is a jewellery brand specialising in hand painted wooden components creating fun, unique and statement jewellery. The wood used is reclaimed or sustainable and each is piece is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  All supplies are sourced from other UK small businesses.




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