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100% Recycled Tin Foil

100% Recycled Tin Foil

Fully recycled tin-foil is perfect for protecting your food and the planet!

This 100% recycled foil made from post-consumer waste is a great alternative to regular tin foil that can be used to help keep your food fresh, line baking trays, is suitable for baking and even craft projects!


  • Fully recycled and recyclable
  • An eco-friendly choice
  • Made from recycled aluminium
  • 100% recycled cardboard packaging
  • 30cm x 10m
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Strong


Did you know? 


800,000 tonnes of aluminium foil was produced in Europe last year? The extraction and production of new aluminium has a high carbon footprint.  This 100% recycled foil not only reduces the amount of waste heading to landfill, but also uses 95% less energy to produce as there is no need for power-intensive aluminium extraction.



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