Our top 5 reasons to get in the garden this spring.

It’s officially spring and many people are thinking about getting out in the garden.

We all know that planting flowers and vegetables can reap glorious bouquets or bountiful harvests for your dining table, but did you know that getting out in the garden has a number of health benefits too?

Here are our top 5 reasons for getting outside in the garden.

Health and Fitness

Gardening can be a great workout and can improve your endurance, flexibility and strength and it is something the whole family can do together. And after all that hard work of digging, raking, planting, pruning, you then get to reap your rewards in not only better health, but also with colourful floral displays and fresh nutritious food for the table.

Reduced Stress

Stress sucks. If Cortisol, the stress hormone, remains raised in our body over a prolonged period of time it can increase our risk of depression, mental illness, weight gain, heart disease and can impair our immune function (amongst other things) Studies have shown that spending as little as 30 minutes gardening can cause cortisol levels to drop and moods lifted. If you’re new to the idea of gardening, start simple. Try growing a few seeds or buying an established plant and getting it set up on your patio or windowsill. Maybe walk around the space and see if you can design a wildlife space such as bird feeders or small water features – both of which can take up less space than you think. Check out our Pinterest page for ideas. Just be sure to leave the modern world behind and for those short 30 minutes, be sure to leave your phone indoors. Not only will it save it from being dropped and prevent dirt from getting in the power connector, it will help you get max