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Sustainability is a core ethos of our business.  From the initial planning stages, we have always been clear in our intention to be part of the solution and to help protect our planet and our local and global communities.   You can read more about Sustainability and what that means to us in our sustainability pages. 


Below, you will find information about the charitable organisations that we choose to support.   Every purchase you make from us not only reduces chemical and plastic pollution but also helps to protect eco-systems and wild spaces in the UK, support UK businesses and communities and support animals in need.  That’s a lot of positive impact!  We cannot thank you enough for being part of our journey and helping us to collectively make a broad-reaching and meaningful impact.   


Small swaps really do make a big difference!



                                                                                   John Muir Trust


We are truly delighted to say that we are a Corporate Member of the John Muir Trust!

The John Muir Trust is a registered Scottish Charity that does conservation work across Scotland, including (but not limited to) the iconic Scottish Mountain Ben Nevis as well as preservation work in Scotlands Rainforest (also known as our Celtic Forest)! They also do conservation work across the wider UK.  More can be read about their work here:


Like us, they are located in Scotland and they work to defend wildland, enhance habitats and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with wild places.


Protecting wildland


They are dedicated to protecting wild land.  They speak out when it comes under threat and work to influence the policies that affect it.


Managing wildland


They manage land according to their wildland management standards.  This includes rewilding habitats, managing deer and monitoring biodiversity.


Wild Space Visitor Centre


They also run a visitor centre in Pitlochry where, among other things, they not only run a community space and exhibition, they also run events and promote the importance of protecting our natural eco-systems.



               Give a Greyhound a Home (GAGAH)


As our entire business idea stemmed from the antics of our own rescue greyhound, we are keen to support the work of our local greyhound rehoming charity and support them to help as many dogs as possible.   You can read more about our story and our adopted Greyhound in our blog post called "Why did the Greyhound cross the road?"


We stock a range of dog products from the Wild Dog Co. and we donate 10% from every purchase of their balms to GAGAH. 


You may ask, “Why Greyhounds?”

Few people realise the plight of many Greyhounds.


Did you know that around 25,000 greyhound puppies are registered each year in the British Isles, yet each year many simply ‘disappear’ without trace.   Also, in 2018 alone, around 1,000 racing greyhounds are known to have died through injury or other issues and some Greyhounds have been known to be shipped to China for breeding or the meat trade!  Greyhound rehoming charities around the UK work really hard to safeguard these dogs and find as many homes, for as many ex-racing dogs, as possible.


Greyhounds typically race until around the age of around 5 years of age so it’s crucial that dogs find permanent family homes to live out their hopefully lengthy retirement years.  



The Charity Cycle


In addition to the charitable causes that we support, did you know that many of our suppliers also make donations to charitable causes too?  So, every time we restock with your favourite products, we are helping support even more sustainable and charitable causes.  Shopping with us really does make a big difference!

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